Learning To Exist Through COVID-19

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In a short amount of time, COVID-19 taught us things we could never have anticipated, most notably how to survive in challenging circumstances without socializing or even with the most basic conveniences at our disposal. A lot has changed since, yet some habits have remained with people, which they continue to hold on to and live like they were always a part of their lives.

Impact of COVID-19 on our business in the upcoming six months
With most organizations getting used to working from home, staff have the flexibility to work remotely to keep everyone safe. We are more sensitive to staff staying home if they aren’t feeling 100%. COVID-19 affected everyone’s businesses in some aspect, and we are doing our part to lessen the spread while maintaining the service our clients expect.

Disruptions caused in business operations by COVID-19, presently
Presently, COVID-19 does not have too much of an impact on our business operations. As we are already set up to operate remotely, the only change we experienced was an increase of remote work our staff perform. This allows them to recover faster in the comfort of their home and to keep everyone safe.

Some apparent changes to our communication patterns
Before COVID, most new client consultations used to be in person. Now, most of them are done online. Online meetings will probably continue to some degree, depending on the COVID-19 situation, although we are accepting in person meetings as regulations allow.

Our office space post COVID-19
Our staff currently work from our office, and clients are welcome to drop in or make in-person appointments if they are interested.

Limits on how many people can enter our office space
Our office is restricted to two clients at one time. We rarely get to two, as people quickly drop off paperwork. If a meeting is required, we have additional space to use so that the reception area is relaxed and we have no difficulty maintaining the COVID-19 safety protocols.

Changes in our working hours post-COVID-19
Our working hours are the same as before COVID-19 hit us. We are mainly available by appointment from 9 to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. We are closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

Usage of a secure platform to share confidential data
Our electronic client files are stored on our secure server. We were using this platform before COVID-19. Clients send us attachments through emails or provide us with shared access to their online file-sharing platforms.

In-person meetings with our clients
We have reduced the amount of travel performed to meet clients, as other avenues are available (phone, online meetings, etc.) to ensure everyone’s safety. However, we accept in-person meetings as regulations allow. 

Applications we use for video-conferencing
Clients should be able to provide the brief in as many details as possible. We currently use Zoom or Google Meet to avoid in-person meetings, allowing us to understand our clients’ specific concerns better.

Our COVID-19 experience
During the COVID-19 lockdown, our business could operate normally because we already had many systems to work remotely or in person with proper distance between staff members. We were fortunate that it was a seamless transition which did not affect the quality of our services.

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