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As a small business owner, you are responsible for the growth and direction of your own company. However, in order for your firm to run smoothly, you do not need to oversee everything yourself. This is especially true for administrative and accounting duties. While these are necessary aspects of running a business, they can be challenging.

Working with a payroll service provider can assist you in managing and streamlining payroll-related tasks, meeting regulations, maintaining employer compliance, and avoiding fines and fees. Moreover, these professionals will save you valuable time and avoid costly mistakes when completing this task.

We at Infinite Accounting Solutions offer a broad range of accounting services, including payroll services. Payroll is performed by our in-house certified Payroll Compliance Practitioner, and includes the following items:

· Perform your payroll at your desired frequency

· Provide you with a remittance report

· New employee additions & terminations

· Record of Employment issuance & filing

· Annual T4 & T4 Summary issuance & filing

· CRA (PIER) discrepancy reports

Our payroll services benefit both employers and employees. Employers won’t have to deal with the headache of complex payroll situations or make mistakes that cause their employees to lose trust in the accuracy of their paystubs. We ensure employees will get paid in a timely manner and payroll will be accurately processed.

We keep on top of any updates to legislation regarding statutory holidays, sick days, minimum wage, vacation pay, employment standards, new hire paperwork, overtime, bonuses, deductions, etc. to make sure your employees are getting paid accurately and take the stress off of you, as an employer.

Our Payroll Administration package is $100/month for up to ten employees. If you require more than this, please contact us for a quote. If you’re interested in our payroll services, contact us today at (604)290-5201 or email us at to get started! We will walk you through the process.

As professionally trained bookkeepers in Langley, British Columbia, at Infinite Accounting Solutions, we are committed to helping you reduce your paperwork burden and take your financial planning to the next level. Our team is made up of driven experts who are dedicated to making the accounting process easier for you and ensuring you make the most of your financial opportunities.

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