Quickbooks and Sage 50 Accounting Software Training With Infinite Accounting Solutions

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Quickbooks and Sage 50 are widely acclaimed accounting softwares designed for businesses to manage sales, expenses, and daily transactions. They are designed to streamline business accounting, tracking, and reporting. They also guarantee that the process of managing your company finances is much easier.

Similarly, Quickbooks and Sage 50 assists while generating customer invoices and reports, filing taxes, paying bills, and more. They enable you to save time and money while managing your accounts as the software does most of the work for you. However, before you sign up for these accounting solutions, it is vital to learn how they operate. At the same time, you need to keep updating your understanding of the software as it upgrades to enhance performance.

To learn the workings of Quickbooks Accounting Software and Sage 50, and assume control over your accounts, Infinite Accounting Solutions has formulated one-on-one training sessions for small business owners and novice bookkeepers. During these sessions, we will teach you:

a. How to navigate through every part of Quickbooks and Sage 50.

b. Standard bookkeeping practices and common transactions entered into the software.

c. Steps to manage and customize important reports for your business growth.

Throughout our sessions, we will also point out common mistakes to avoid, how to prevent them, and how to fix them.

Who can join our training sessions? 
Our training services are designed to support and empower people with knowledge to feel confident when using accounting software and handling bookkeeping. We currently focus on training two types of professionals. The first are small business owners who are looking to learn accounting software to run their business. The second is accounting personnel who are not familiar with accounting software. But, anyone interested in becoming an expert in Quickbooks and  Sage 50 in a short time is welcome to book our sessions.

The cost is $55 per hour + GST. You will receive one-on-one training with our Senior Bookkeeper and this includes two weeks of unlimited phone and email support following the appointment. To discuss our training program further and see if it’s right for you, feel free to call us at (604)290-5201.

On the other hand, if you’d like experts to manage your bookkeeping, so you can concentrate on growing your business, reach out to Infinite Accounting Solutions. We are a renowned accounting firm in Langley, BC, serving companies in the Fraser Valley since 2008. Our bookkeepers use industry-standard bookkeeping practices to ensure your books are kept up to date and organized. That way, you can do what you do best without worrying about sorting through your transactions later.

To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or get in touch with us here.