How Cloud-Based Accounting Could Benefit You

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Change is the only constant in the world, and when it comes to accounting, understanding how you can keep up with changes and technological advancements is vital to your business. One change that has been positively affecting the accounting field in recent years has been the cloud-based accounting software. Knowledge of these accounting programs will save you a ton of time and money.  

As more businesses are gaining awareness about the benefits of these systems, they are shifting from desktop accounting to online cloud-based software. However, they have to not only embrace a new, modern accounting practice but also reinvent the way they work.

To make the transition smooth, we have utilized the trend of cloud-based accounting to keep your books organized and up to date with the latest changes in the market, and more importantly, allow you to focus on growing your business.

Cloud-based accounting software includes automated features that streamline the accounting process and gives users the chance to access financial information at any time, place and device. It has been around since the late 2000’s, but over the past decade, it has grown in popularity and size. And as more users are becoming computer-savvy, the need for multifunctioning software has increased.

The days of computer desktop accounting are slowly fading, making room for cloud-based software which allows you to install software on various devices such as tablets or smartphones. The result of this is a more interactive accounting program that can let you invoice quickly, and therefore accept payments faster.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of cloud-based accounting software. People have security concerns over the server location and possible outcome of a potential security threat to the cloud. Moreover, all cloud-based accounting software requires a monthly subscription, whereas, with desktop accounting software, you can purchase the software license.

If you are considering using this software, you should first assess your need for the software. Everyone runs their business differently, so it is essential to understand that what works for you may not work for another.

With the growth in this sector, there has been improved security, frequent updates and enhanced features added to the software, lowering the risk of costly accounting errors, and quickly making cloud-based accounting an indispensable part of a business.

Our bookkeepers at Infinite Accounting Solutions have intermediate experience and certifications in both Quickbooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop.

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