What Makes Infinite Accounting Solutions Stand Out

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What Makes Infinite Accounting Solutions Stand Out

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About Infinite Accounting Solutions

Infinite Accounting Solutions provides bookkeeping and office solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We are a staff of four, and although we are a mobile bookkeeping business, our office is located in Langley City. Our office is open by appointment. We service the lower mainland and Fraser Valley region.

In 2012, I was employed full-time, and when opportunities arose for me to provide bookkeeping services for small businesses in the evenings and on weekends, I grabbed them. These opportunities kept growing, and in 2015 I left my employment to pursue this full-time. Though Infinite Accounting Solutions started in 2012, it has had my full attention since 2015.

In the first years of our business, we provided mobile bookkeeping services. However, as the trend shifted to cloud-based accounting, we are finding that new clients do not have an office, so a lot of our work is completed remotely from our office.

Being a nascent company, we are definitely in a state of growth, and we would love to continue growing and working with business owners to help them grow their business. Our business will change and evolve with demand. To ensure that we’re always on top of our game, we maintain professional development through software certifications, conferences, and post-secondary education.

The Infinite Accounting Solutions Difference

Although we have a variety of clients, we love working with new business owners and nonprofits. One of the complaints we get from customers is the lack of communication from their bookkeepers or communication barriers. On the other hand, they love working with us as we’re easy to speak with and can explain things in easy to understand terms.

Apart from our excellent communication, what sets us apart from the rest of our competitors is that we can adapt to the needs of our clients. We’ve found that no generic accounting package can be offered to all clients as every client has different needs and is at various stages of their company life cycle.

What makes us second to none is that we don’t just enter the information and prepare it for the accountant. We are also advisors of what’s the norm for standard business practices and general CRA regulations. Our primary strength is the level of expertise we possess in our accounting software and how we’re able to tailor the program according to the needs of our clients.

This adaptability has been our USP, as ninety-five percent of our clients are from referrals. That speaks volumes for business and implies that we must be doing something right.

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